Why Prose Writers Should Dabble In Poetry

It's been a long time since I wrote poetry. Like the last time I really tried successfully was a college poetry writing class. My poor professor will be so disappointed in me. In fact, I'm disappointed in myself. Writing a good poem (and if you think a good poem goes something like roses are red, violets are blue, please do yourself and me a favor and pick up The Making Of A Poem by Eavan Boland… [read more →]

How The Internet Changed The Written Word As We Know It

I recently read Amusing Ourselves To Death: Public Discourse In The Age Of Show Business. I had intended to read it for several years, but for some reason never got around to it. After I finally did, however, I started wondering what Neil Postman would have thought of the age of the internet and how it affects public discourse. A little history lesson Amusing Ourselves To Death was published in… [read more →]

Why Make Resolutions If You Know You're Going To Fail?

I'm not so great at New Year's Resolutions. Don't get me wrong - I'm fantastic at making them. I think long and hard and come up with really great SMART goals. I write them down in my planner where I think I'll revisit them regularly. But I'm not great at keeping them. If you were to ask me in March of last year what my resolutions were, I probably couldn't tell you. And if you think I remember… [read more →]

Public Service Announcement: Empathy Matters

If there's one thing I've noticed this election cycle, and especially in the days following Election Day, it's a sorry lack of empathy on both sides. As one segment of the nation grieves a loss they thought was a given and as another triumphs over a win they were told could never happen and as the people in the middle scratch their heads wondering what just happened, we're not any closer to… [read more →]

How To Conduct An Interview

If there's one thing I do a lot of as a writer, it's interviews. Internet and library research is great, but if you really want the knitty-gritty on a topic, you've got to talk to the experts. Here's the problem: believe it or not (believe it), I'm an introvert. I start shaking in my boots when I have to go to a meeting, talk to strangers on the phone, or introduce myself to new people. But,… [read more →]

Reading Diet 101

News flash: I am not a nutritionist. I am not a scientist. In fact, I haven't taken a science class since high school (unless you count a computer class in college). Therefore, I am not about to announce some rad new diet that involves eating your library books and promises to make you thin in 2.45 hours. What I am proposing is a well-balanced reading diet. Because your mind is just as important… [read more →]

What I Learned About Writing By Reading To My Daughter

Hi guys. It's been a while. Blogging sporadically is my thing apparently. And I can't promise that it's going to change for a while (probably about 18 years, to be exact). Here's the deal. I've been reading a lot of kids books lately. And by a lot, I mean A LOT. And by a lot, I mean I read some of the same ones over and over and OVER again. But that's ok. Anything for the kids, right? As I've… [read more →]

9 No-Fail Ways to Become a Better Writer

So you want to be a writer, huh? Cool. Oh, you want to make money writing, too? Even better. The thing is, though, that to make money writing you have to be good at it. I firmly believe that writers aren’t born, they’re made. To be a good writer, you have to work hard. Really hard. But it’s doable. Here are some steps I’ve taken to improve my writing; I think you’ll find them helpful on your journey t… [read more →]

An Open Letter to Liberal Arts Majors Everywhere


Dear liberal arts major, You’re cool. Seriously, you are. You’re probably the kid with the hip glasses, the skinny jeans, and the Urban Outfitters everything (is that what the young folks are wearing these days? I’m so out of touch). You’re also the kid who takes all the philosophy classes just because you can and the nerd who reads books on the way to class just for kicks. You also may not want to teac… [read more →]

How Reading Makes You a Better Writer

Readers are leaders, right? That’s what they told us in elementary school, anyway, to get us to read the required number of books each summer. Whether reading affects leadership abilities or not, I don’t know. I know for a fact, though, that as a writer, your reading will affect the quality of your writing, and here’s how: Reading grows your vocabulary Have you ever been stuck in the very-r… [read more →]